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Join the Montana Army National Guard

Do you want a career that allows you to give back to your country and grow as a person? Montana Army National Guard is an armed forces branch dedicated to the protection of the country-from both local and national standpoints. You can join a team that focuses on loyalty, patriotism and personal excellence. Our career opportunities include medical, STEM, munitions and aviation positions.

Is our armed forces branch right for you?

Whether your goal is to become an officer or to simply protect your local community, the Montana Army National Guard may be right for you. When you join us, you have the opportunity to take advantage of:

Plus, we're currently offering a bonus of up to $20,000. Speak with your recruiter now to learn more about our benefits.

You may wonder what makes our branch different. Montana Army National Guard has a dual mission, meaning we answer to both state and federal governments. That means that you can be deployed by your state Governor or the President of the United States. You'll have the opportunity to go where you're most needed. This way, you can protect both your state and your country to the best of your ability.

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